Ingress Intel Total Conversion Community Edition

A rewrite of the map

Release notes


Desktop users: additional one-time action required when updating to current release!

Some plugins are renamed, and do not replace old versions automatically.
So it's necessary to delete old versions manually.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


## Sync is working again
Fixed sync plugin after deprecating Google Realtime API. Now the plugin uses Google Drive API for sync data between clients.

## Maps
Added AutoNavi / Gaode maps layer; fixed and improved maps, and Google Gray roads.
Fixed shift maps in China.

## Visualization of the link direction
Now plugin show-linked-portals displays the direction of links is more understood, using symbols.

## New features for developers
Added @@INCLUDECSS macros for easy support/update external/*.css files.
Add an 'pluginUserLocation' hook, so other plugins can use the user coordinates.

And many smaller improvements and bug fixes...


* Search improvement: added search by amenity tag and highlighting of the selected item on the map
* Show total team scores together with checkpoints overview
* Move and zoom to portal by clicking on the icon near the title
* Increased IITC download speed, smoother application
* Added support for Google road map with traffic layer
* Library update: jquery 3.3.1 & jquery-ui.12.1, Leaflet 1.3.0 & leaflet.draw 1.0, google-layer using new Leaflet.Gridlayer.GoogleMutant


* Correction of the address to the Intel site from to
* Material design of mobile application